Who are the Lonely Few?

Lonely Few is a indie game development studio based out of Los Angeles. The company consists of two experienced game developers Rod Green and Yeong-Hao Han. Rod and Yeong-Hao previously worked together on the unreleased Project Offset title. Although Project Offset never shipped both Rod and Yeong-Hao have many years experience working in game development. Rod previously at BioWare Corp./Atari and Yeong-Hao at Pandemic Studios.

Lonely Few has become part of the new generation of indie developers. With all the restructuring happening in the industry there’s a new trend for talent to break from the norm and do something truly indie. The co-founders of Lonely Few both come from established games studios and gave up comfortable 6 figure salaries to start their own project. With a $15,000 investment, they’ve created Brainsss, a ‘real game’ of high quality for iOS, which they hope will be a challenge to the casual titans who dominate the charts.

What is Brainsss?

Brainsss new kind of Zombie game whereby the player takes the role of a Zombie controller rather than the typical Zombie slayer.

Your goal is to find and to ‘convince’ all humans into joining the new Zombie movement that’s become all the rage.

As the player you are tasked with selecting and directing the Zombies where to go. If the Zombies become aware of any non-zombie they will take it upon themselves to try and make ‘friends’.

Every time a human is ‘befriended’ by a Zombie he will change and become a new addition to your Zombie team.

Brainsss is being developed for iOS (iPhone and iPad) but we also have plans for an Android release.